Select Right Anti-Static Floor For Computer Room

  • Anti-static raised floor is also called conductive floor, because people walking will cause static electricity due to friction between the shoes and the floor. The dotted ions will attract the dust in the air on the floor surface, which will have a certain impact on the computer room, electronic factory and other units. The conductive floor is the floor is conductive, the floor contains conductive fibers, copper foil should be laid under the floor during the construction, the copper foil should be connected to the underground buried conductor, so that the static electricity generated by the floor directly enters the ground, so the floor has no static ions Use conductive glue to lay the floor.

    There are two types of the raised floor systems, one is overhead anti-static floor, and the other is PVC anti-static floor. Overhead anti-static floors are generally suitable for rooms that require a lot of wiring, such as computer rooms, computer rooms, host rooms, and monitoring rooms. PVC anti-static floor is generally used in rooms with less wiring, such as electronic workshops, production workshops, places with anti-static requirements.

    In the computer room, in order to prevent the negative impact of static electricity on the equipment in the computer room, you must consider installing and using anti-static raised floors. Because it provides the following advantages:

    1. It simplifies installation and provides greater flexibility for future equipment configuration changes and expansions.
    2. The equipment in the equipment room can be freely connected through the anti-static floor with vinyl flooring finish, which is convenient for laying and maintenance, and makes the equipment room clean and beautiful.
    3. It can protect various cables, wires, data lines and sockets, from damage.
    4. The machine room can use the space under the floor as the static pressure air storage of the air conditioner to obtain a satisfactory air flow organization. No matter where the computer equipment is installed, the air-conditioned air can be obtained through the air outlet of the anti-static raised floor.
    5. Conducive to the repair and maintenance of the bottom of the device.
    6. Eliminate the harm of exposed cable to human body.
    7. The adjustability of the anti-static raised floor can be used to eliminate the unevenness of the real ground and ensure the overall level of the ground in the equipment room.
    8. It can make the static charge leak to the ground and reflect electromagnetic radiation.