Comparison Of Brass Padlock For Sale Products


    laminated steel padlock is the home’s sense of security. It is also the home’s responsibility to choose good materials and advanced technology.

    1. Independent information management

    Advantages: It is very useful to manage user rights for users. Users can freely authorize, allow or prevent certain people from entering. This function is more practical for users who have a babysitter or tenant at home. There is no need to worry about the babysitter or tenant copying the keys, thereby reducing insecurity in the home

    Disadvantages: It takes multiple steps to enter and delete fingerprints, the procedure is a bit cumbersome, and the convenience is not enough. However, the complicated operation is also for safety reasons. It would be great if the operating procedures could be simplified while improving the safety factor.

    2. Voice operation prompt

    In the process of use, the voice function is activated to guide the user to open the door, let the user know whether the operation of each step is correct, and prompt the user to proceed with the next operation.

    Advantages: Make the operation easier to understand. This function is very practical for the elderly or children, can make them handy in the operation process, and reduce their rejection of high-tech products because they do not understand the operation.

    Disadvantages: Because the voice prompts are uniformly recorded, the voice is too mechanized, and the mobility and intimacy are not strong. In addition, the general voice operation prompts are only in Chinese and English, and this function is useless for the elderly and children who do not understand these two languages.

    3. Anti-pry alarm function

    If there is abnormal opening or external violent damage, or the door lock slightly deviates from the door, a strong alarm will be issued immediately, attracting people's attention, just like a car alarm.

    Advantages: The strong siren can attract the attention of people around and effectively prevent thieves from breaking the law. The editor of the brass padlock for sale manufacturer feels that this function is extremely effective for users with a more complex living environment.

    Disadvantages: The alarm system cannot be connected to the security system of the community or the police station temporarily, and cannot automatically alarm. For high-demand security units, this function needs to be improved.