Extend The Service Life Of Dth Drill Pipe

  • Top Hammer Drilling Tools is a kind of equipment used for flood control and piling. There are four types of small pile drivers, so what reference should be used when purchasing the model of pile driver? Let me introduce to you:

    1. Consider the diameter requirements of the piling body. The diameter of the pile driver determines the match between the model of the pile driver and the demand. When choosing a small pile driver, it is necessary to select a pile driver with a suitable diameter according to the predicted emergency and demand. If the pile driver is no longer needed, the diameter mismatch directly affects the use of the pile driver.
    2. Consider the efficiency of using small pile drivers. In the process of flood control and emergency rescue, efficiency is the top priority of emergency rescue. When life is at stake, every second is spent on emergency rescue, so the efficiency of the pile driver is a very important point in emergency rescue.
    3. Consider the mobile transportation of small pile drivers. The convenience of the small pile driver determines the ability to quickly move and install the pile driver for construction rescue operations when emergency rescue is needed.

           For DTH Drill Pipe customers, the following points can extend the life of your favorite machine.

           You need to know how to use and maintain. As the saying goes, "three points are used, seven points are nourished." This is a fact. When using this piece, qualified mechanics should not go up and down while operating the rotary drilling rig and DTH Drill Pipe. When the throttle is high or low, it is easy to cause uneven thickness of the pile hole when drilling, and the flatness of the pile hole after drilling is not good. If the throttle is up and down when turning, especially when the foundation is soft, it is easy to cause the chassis of the rotary drilling rig to sink, which affects the verticality of piling and reduces efficiency.