What To Do If Top Hammer Drilling Tools Is Noisy

  • Many customers use our website to call the DTH Drill Pipe power head to make a lot of noise and what to do with the old vibration. Today, the editor of Opel Machinery will explain the noise of the power head of the long auger drill and what to do with the old vibration.

    All parts of the long auger power head have passed inspection before leaving the factory. All components are also tested for dynamic balance and static balance. Due to the imbalance, there is no vibration. Why does noise and vibration occur during use? Aiming at the reasons for the vibration analysis of the power head of the long auger, a technical solution to increase the synchronous transmission system to solve the vibration problem was proposed, and the improvement effect was proved to be obvious through the installation test.

    The reason for the vibration is that the two angular velocity crankshafts that need to be synchronized cannot obtain the power of the synchronized angular velocity in actual operation. Therefore, it is necessary to install two parameters in the input section of the two crankshafts without changing the overall structure of the three-ring reducer. The same synchronous gear, the intermediate main shaft is equipped with a transition gear through the bearing, and the three gears form a synchronous rotating gear system, which can completely eliminate vibration, reduce noise, extend the life of the reduction bearing, reduce the failure rate, and greatly improve the service life of Top Hammer Drilling Tools. efficiency!