I think it should rain now before it starts to rain in Runescap

  • The Jailer grunts, throws spit onto the floor, and growls. Why are you here? You are a human. We do not accept human beings. Would you allow me go if I was a demon OSRS Accounts? You not demon! Be quiet and take an area in the corner. It looks like you'll have to use other methods then. Take the rings of Charos (a). Then, use your Demonic amulet. Speak to him again. (Operating through the Amulet renders your player a Lesser Demon. Will you allow me to get out now?

    Your player imitates Jailer and then spits on the ground. Yes. Yes. Now, open your door and walk outside. Demon City. The Demon City is home to a large number of Lesser Demons (Level 82) and Greater Demons (22) as well as Imps (2 Level 2), Demon Guards (122), Demon Rangers (Level 95), Demon Berserkers (15) and Demon Royal Guard (151). If you are a demonic one, they're passive aggressive. Being demons, you have the ability to speak their language. This is how you get together with your former enemies.

    The "Enemies" include Agrith-Naar Delrith, The Black Demon from The Grand Tree, The Jungle Demon, Chronozar, and the Black Demon from the Legend's Quest. There's another one, the Demon Dictator, a new adversary. Talk to him in the palace.

    Name of the quest: In Search of the Fallen. Skill Requirements 60 Agility and 60 Theiving, 43 Pray 66 Magic and 60 Slayer and the ability to defeat the Level 65 corrupted Guardian and his followers (150-265). Quest Requirements: While Guthix is asleep, Desert Treasure Buy OSRS Fire Cape, Desert Treasure The Restless Ghost.