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  • I have one that is at level 78, which is my members account, this was my first account, but he's poor (only two mill). The goal of this account was 70 points of skill OSRS Fire Cape. But i'm not sure. However, i've gotten overwhelmed by other accounts, because i'm bored with one skill. (His abilities are listed in his signature).

    The second account I have: I have set goals to achieve 40 attack, 60 power, 70 range, and even magic. (Currently the account im training on). My third account is all-around but it has combat skills that are only 30-40 for each account. However, this could be enhanced. My fourth account is the skilled player. None of the These are members, except for the first one i said about (the level 78). My question is which one should I stick to and how can i improve it?

    I would like to improve my level78, but I'm not sure what to learn first for money. However, i'd be willing to train my pure account (the other one I mentioned) but he needs lots of improvement! So, what do I do? What should I do?

    We are all aware (or at least suspect) that jagex may be guiding quest lines towards a second god wars, but nobody knows how they will bypass barriers already established in the plot (namely the laws of Guthix). Which god will they be? Which god will start the process Buy Old School RS Gold? Which mahjrahart can rise to the godhood? What will be the epic godwars of the Godwars?