New World MMO: RTX 3090 Break down because of bad soldering

  • EVGA was in quandary recently when several of their custom NVIDIA RTX 3090s, specifically the FTW3 Ultra cards, started dying once they tried to run the Amazon MMO "New World." But per the corporate, they will have revealed the culprit finally.

    VideoCardz reports that EVGA's official reasoning for the RTX 3090 deaths was bad soldering. It wasn't the cards' fan controllers in any respect, despite the firmware update they released sometime after the difficulty. Initial rumors suggested that the 3090s died because their fan controllers went berserk, died while operating New World Coins, and left the GPUs to overheat.

    To prevent the bricking of more cards, Amazon patched the sport up for what it thought was the problem: the game's uncapped main menu frame rate. "New World" was seemingly running the cards ragged due to this, which didn't really be because the most menu isn't even alleged to be the foremost demanding area of the sport.

    Nevertheless, Amazon's patch limited the most menu frame rate, thereby further preventing RTX 3090 deaths from playing their MMO. EVGA even went thus far on offer straight replacements for the graphics cards which broke while playing the sport.

    It's All About the facility
    NVIDIA designed the RTX 3090 to be the world's current most powerful graphics card. But an EVGA version of their GPU is meant to be faster than their stock "Founder's Edition" because that is what AIB versions are purported to be.
    Their error overlapped a critical a part of the cardboard that made it work: its Amazon New World Coins power delivery system. The 3090 in itself already draws most power, but the high factory probably aggravated the matter overclocks they applied, which were compromised by the bad soldering on the MOSFETs.

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