Madden 22 based on the way other receivers are ranked

  • We'll soon know the ratings of players for the newest version of the Madden game Mut 22 coins. Washington Football Team asked players who were on their roster last year to forecast their Madden scores. Every one of them was positively optimistic.

    The first was tight end Logan Thomas, who proclaimed that his Madden rating "has to go up" over last year's 63 rating. Thomas believes it should be at minimum an 63. He wears the number 82. He had No.82 on his jersey and seemed to believe that it was a good rating following his breakout season in 2020.

    Prior to joining the WFT, Logan Thomas had accumulated just 35 receptions for 317 yards over the course of his career. He surpassed the double-digits of the figures in a single year in 2020, raking 72 catches, totalling 670 yards. Despite the impressive year in which Thomas placed 9th in touchdowns.

    Seventh in receiving yards and third in receptions with NFL tight ends PFF ranked Washington's starting tight end at No. PFF ranked Washington's first tight end as No. 14 in their preview this month of the top 32 tight end players in the NFL cheap mut coins. Thomas clearly needs more respect from Madden's rating team.