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  • Jagex does not seem to want to change their programming by taking water off the area and putting it on the mainland OSRS Fire Cape. Although they have managed to get over the barrier of water by using islands to add new content, this only allows them to retain the feel of a mainland.

    The Mainland seems to be based mainly on Europe, or at most the culture of Europe. Karamja, with its tribesmen and jungles, seems to represent Africa. Africa was once referred to as the "Heart of Darkness" in European times. It was a place of death and undiscovered. This isn't the case. It's too old. It's also quite tiny, at best, when compared to other parts of the country. It also lacks a lot of high-quality content.

    The Legends Quest was a way to express the "heart and dark" emotions associated with Africa at the time it came out. It also was the grand daddy for all other quests. However, Karamja now feels that he's just an average player, after having completed the Legends Quest.

    Do you think developers should redraw certain regions of the map in order to include more content on the Karamja or the mainland? Is this too difficult? It may require a lot of effort Buy Old School RS Gold, but it will keep areas that are old and interesting for a lot of experienced players.