The Way Your Business Can Profit From A Transportable Concrete

  • The days are gone when contractors would need to hire numerous workers to help in manually mixing concrete. The mechanization of the concrete production process has significantly helped to further improve the efficiency superiority construction projects. A concrete batching plant enables producing high-quality concrete in just a small amount of time. What's more, a concrete batching plant can produce high volumes of concrete uninterrupted, unlike manual production. As such, construction sites reap the benefits of a continuing supply of concrete, which enhances productivity along with the speed of construction.

    Thanks to advancements in technology, manufacturing companies have been capable of release more compact and portable concrete production equipment. Whilst the portable concrete batching plant includes a much smaller production capacity, it gives you the same level of performance and reliability as being the larger versions. The mobile plant is great for people who require to frequently shift the positioning of the plant, are running a small into a medium-scale construction project or don't have enough capital to purchase the fully-fledged stationary plant.

    The next are one of the key reasons the portable concrete batching plant(planta dosificadora de concreto portatil) continues to be preferred among project contractors.

    i) Low Initial Cost

    Understandably, for its bigger size and better production capacity, the stationary concrete plant is much more expensive compared to smaller mobile concrete plant. The mobile version is loved by startups and business which may have a lesser budget since it enables them to their very own own concrete plant but at a tiny part of the buying price(precio de compra) of traditional plants.

    ii) Easy Transportation

    The small size and compact form of the portable concrete plant mean that it will simply be transported from one place to another. It appears fitted over a portable platform and possesses fewer components. In comparison to the stationary plant, the transportation cost of portable concrete is less.

    iii) Quick Installation

    The mobile concrete batching plant(homrigon movil) decreases the installation time by almost 50%. It has minimal foundation requirements, unlike the stationary plant which needs a deep, solid concrete foundation to the many heavy components. Due to the quick installation time, contractors can efficiently handle projects which require shifting places and construction work can commence within a shorter time period.

    iv) Simplicity of Operation

    Considering the smaller measurements of the mobile concrete plant, it is easier to use compared to the fully-fledged stationary plant. Furthermore, most modern mobile concrete batching plants are highly automated thus minimal manual operations required. The mobile concrete batching plant could be operated by two to three workers.

    v) Low Maintenance Requirement

    Compared to stationary plants, mobile concrete plants possess a lower maintenance requirement. Their compact design allows for fewer components and moving parts. Additionally, the portable plant is manufactured out of high-quality industrial materials that give it time to withstand the tough construction environment.

    vi) Good Performance and Reliability

    Regardless of the smaller dimensions of the mobile concrete plant, it includes the same degree of performance and reliability since the stationary plant. Simply because most manufacturers use similar mixing units in their stationary and mobile concrete batching plant.

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