Introduction To The Maintenance Of Hexagon Socket Head Bolt

  • Today weigao China Stud Supplier will introduce how to better use anchor bolts. If you want to use anchor bolts well, then we must first learn about the maintenance knowledge of anchor bolts. Friends who are not very knowledgeable about anchor bolt maintenance. You can take a look with me!
    The anchor bolts must first be placed in a certain constant temperature environment and cannot be stacked for too long in a humid environment. If the environment is particularly humid, the appearance of the anchor bolts will be somewhat oxidized. In order to prevent the anchor bolts from oxidizing, The anchor bolts should be placed in a dry and ventilated place. The anchor bolts have another place that needs special protection, that is, the threads of the anchor bolts. The threads of the anchor bolts must be specially protected. We can rub the threads of the anchor bolts with butter or use some oily paper. Wrapping is to prevent the thread of the anchor bolt from being worn out or the thread of the anchor bolt from being damaged. This situation will lead to the phenomenon that the nut or nut cannot be tightened well or cannot be screwed in during the installation process.
    When the anchor bolts are actually operated, the external load will increase, and the temperature and air humidity will be added to the composition, which will cause some unreasonable effects when the anchor bolts are screwed, and even loose or unable to tighten. The situation happened. Therefore, we must pay attention to the protection of the anchor bolts when using the anchor bolts.
    When weigao China Stud Supplier maintains the anchor bolts, it will check the environment where the anchor bolts are located and whether the threads in the anchor bolts are brushed with a layer of oil. Check whether the relevant accessories of the anchor bolts cannot be tightened or The phenomenon of slippage, the special attention should be paid to the careful inspection of the threads of the anchor bolts. This is to ensure that the anchor bolts will not occur when the anchor bolts are not installed. Then you must pay attention to yourself. Irresponsibility to the purchaser.
      Hexagon Socket Head Bolt extended knowledge:
       The corrosion of anchor bolts is mainly caused by infiltration and residue in the anchor bolt holes during the pickling and passivation treatment, forming an aggressive environment, and the pickling liquid corrodes the bolts. The gap between the outer surface of the bolt and the inner and outer surfaces of the anchor screw hole is about 1mm, and the gap between the bolt and the concrete is smaller. As the bolt corrodes in the residual liquid, the product is corroded in the gap, and a gap environment is simply formed.
    The anchor is made of stainless steel, and the anchor bolt is XG18 low alloy steel. When there is an electrolyte solution (such as pickling solution), galvanic corrosion of large cathodes and small anodes will occur, and the formation of corrosion products accelerates the occurrence of crevice corrosion. When the nut is tightened on the detachable screw, the gasket will closely fit the base or bottom plate of the equipment, steel structure, like the noise of a train. Maintenance personnel quickly rushed to the site to check. Originally, a 560kw induced draft fan weighing several tons in the desulfurization and denitration system was vibrating violently with an amplitude of 10mm. In order to prevent contamination of the detachable screw during the secondary concrete pouring, the representation method of stud bolts: general stud bolts are expressed as: M12×100GB901-88 (standard) 35#35# (material) 8.8 level 8 (modulation level) The meaning is: diameter=12mm length=100mm GB901-88 uses the national standard (of course, the industry standard can also be selected according to the demand) to facilitate the removal of the equipment during the later maintenance; the equipment and related requirements of the anchor bolt device.
    In the process of anchor bolt construction, a key link is the instrument measurement and control, and a large number of instruments and equipment are involved in the installation process, and there are higher requirements for its operation. Therefore, it is necessary for the installation personnel to have the professional skills to control the instrument, and to operate the measuring tools such as theodolite and level proficiently.
    The engineering quality of foundation bolts is directly related to the operation and operation of industrial equipment, and every effort should be made to prevent data errors in the installation so that the installation is in place to the greatest extent. Therefore, the operator needs to fix the bracket first, fine-tune the bolts, and do the preliminary debugging work to ensure the quality of the subsequent device during the installation process. The table shows the details of all the instruments involved in the installation: the cross arm of the vertical device on the wing plate can greatly enhance the fixation. The anchor strength between the screw and the concrete. Set screws: Set screws are used to fix the relative position of the parts. The head has a slot, hexagon socket and square head. The square head can apply a larger tightening torque, the tightening force is large, and it is not easy to be bald, but the size of the head is large, it is inconvenient to be buried in the parts, especially the moving parts are not suitable for use. The slotted and hexagonal ones are easy to sink into the parts.