Disposable sharp-bottomed spin columns are versatile


    Taizhou Huangyan Fangye Technology Development Co., Ltd. is a professional Centrifuge Tube Manufacturer. The following short answer introduces the characteristics of a Spin Column product:

    PP material, pointed bottom, with purple HDPE flat cover or sealing cover.

    Certified non-cytotoxic, non-nuclease and non-pyrogen.

    The cover comes in two forms: a flat cover with a smooth surface, or a sealed cover, which can be safely sealed when using a shaker and a water incubator. The black scale is easy to read, and the white writing area is located on the side. Permanently coded.

    Samples can be stored and frozen at temperatures as low as -80 °C, and can withstand centrifugal force up to 12 500×g.

    These disposable sharp-bottom centrifuge tubes are versatile and can be used for routine applications and high-speed centrifugation.

    Packaging: Packaging: bulk, bag, or on a plastic, autoclavable holder.

    Please feel free to contact us to order if necessary: https://www.cnfangye.com/