Saliva collector eliminates blood draw cost


    What are the product advantages of the saliva collector?

    1. Through painless, non-invasive sample collection, improve the care and cooperation of donors.
    2. Eliminate blood draw costs.
    3. Suitable for children or patients who are unable to collect blood samples.
    4. The energy format compatible with high-throughput processing improves efficiency, minimizes sample processing, and reduces processing errors.
    5. The samples can remain stable at room temperature for several years, reducing transportation and storage costs.
    6. Samples can be mailed through the standard postal system.
    7. In downstream applications, DNA produced by saliva is equivalent to DNA produced by blood.
    8. Both manual sampling and automatic sampling are optimized.
    9. Integrate one-dimensional bar code and optional two-dimensional bottom bar code that can improve efficiency.

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