Some methods that Blessed Unleashed players can use to change B

  • The combat skills in Bless Unleashed are directly related to the blessings selected by the players, as well as the special abilities that can be got by collecting memory fragments. If they feel their characters need to gain a unique set of skills or enough Bless Unleashed Star Seeds, they can also change the blessing, which is not a hassle.

    Before changing the blessing that the character owns to another blessing, they must first get the new blessing they want. This step can be done by collecting memory fragments of specific blessings and placing them at the Altar of Physera. As players move forward naturally in the key battle, they will collect these memory fragments through special blessing missions given to them by NPCs.

    In order to get all blessings in Bless Unleashed, players need to do these things.
    1: Complete the Carzacor campaign quests for Mark of the Wolf blessing
    2: Complete the Navarra campaign quests for Lionheart Legacy blessing
    3: Complete the Padana campaign quests for Crescent Moon blessing
    4: Complete the Lairs and Dungeons quests for Night Wind blessing
    5: Purchase memory fragments from Reputation Merchants for Storm Chaser blessing
    6: Complete the Unending Conflict campaign quests for Centurion’s Command blessing

    If the players really have the luck and strength to pass on these challenges, then it shows that their strength and experience have surpassed the vast majority of BU players. There are not as many restrictions as beginners. But if they want to go deeper, they’d better seek the help of IGGM first, learn some more practical guides and buy more Bless Unleashed Star Seeds, Boosting Services and Power Leveling, which is more secure. I wish them a good time.

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