Justin Tucker got LTD items for Madden 22 Ultimate Team TOTW 3

  • With the upcoming announcement of Madden Team this week, they have announced a special LTD project early. This is Justin Tucker of the Baltimore Ravens. In Sunday’s NFL game, he once again showed why he was the best in the league in field goal percentage. To commemorate his NFL shooting record, EA gave him a Madden 22 Ultimate Team TOTW 3 LTD card. His impact on the court also directly reflects how many Madden 22 Coins players need to spend to buy it.

    Every week of the NFL season, EA’s Madden22 game will launch the best team of the week composed of the best players in the most recent game. The highest-rated cards so far include Aaron Jones of the Packers, Miles Garrett of the Browns, Joey Porter of the Steelers and Sherlock Holmes of the Chiefs. These players have 91 OVR or better cards, Jones and Garrett each have 92 OVR LTD cards. Joining them is the Ravens kicker Justin Tucker. On Monday, Popular Stranger told EA’s Madden on Twitter that based on his shooting percentage in Sunday’s game, Tucker should get a new LTD card. Tucker used an incredible 66-yard field goal to help the Ravens beat the Lions 19-17 in Detroit.

    EA released the new card on Monday night before the release of the best team of the week. Tucker has an overall score of 92 and a kicking power of 93, awareness of 92 and a kicking accuracy of 88. Before, Tucker’s best card was 87 OVR Core Elite, with 84 Kick Accuracy, so this is a good upgrade. The card sold for 110,000 coins on the Xbox and 119,000 coins on the PlayStation auction house. Most likely, the new Tucker LTD card will be worth more Madden Coins.

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