The weekend just gone was the open beta for Diablo II

  • The weekend just gone was the open beta for Diablo II: Resurrected, which is what you call a game when you're remastering it and want to get cute with me. But in fairness to it, Diablurrected does look very lovely and fresh. It's like when you get a spang new pair of jeans and look at yourself in the mirror. Somehow the new togs really enhance what was already there.

    In this case, though, what's already there is pretty brilliant. It's Diablo II, for crying out loud. By my estimate, it's one of the best games ever made, and it's hard to serve me a bad version of it. Admittedly, I was only running about in single player, so can't comment on the lack of decent multiplayer features (and I did actually run into a couple of annoying lag problems even by myself), but by and large, Resurrected is the Diablo II experience we were all expecting. Sort of like pizza, or an ice cream sundae. You put that in front of me, I'm going to derive a base level of satisfaction.

    If you're new to Diablo, I will briefly explain that it is an action RPG with a lot of hacking and slashing, and also just an incredible amount of inventory Tetris. I'm not selling it. Look, it is genuinely amazing. Following on from the events of the first game, an unnamed hero has attempted to contain Diablo (Lord of Terror) in their own body, but has become corrupted. As very cool adventurers you and your pals - or just you, if you're not playing PvE in a group - follow along behind this Dark Wanderer to sort of un-screw all the screwed up stuff that errupts in his wake. Think of it as like spontaneous generation, except with demons instead of flies. You could be a big burly barbarian or a sorcerer slinging spells. It is both fun and full of fantasy loot. You will spend a lot of time comparing the relative benefits of different bucklers.d2 resurrected items
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