How can I make my hair soft in summer?

  • Summer, however, can bring a few challenges to our hair. Summer heat can damage our locks, give us very oily scalps, and even turn our 613 wigs green when in contact with chlorine, the heat of summer days and festival fun can leave hair lifeless and exhausted.
    We all know that summer can wreak havoc on hair’s health and appearance—think faded hair color, frizzy hd frontal wig, and dry, damaged hair. Yet getting healthy hair and maintaining it in the summer couldn’t be easier. Natural hair rules in the summer! Now is the season to let go of perfect, sleek hairdos and embrace that loose, natural look. Learn how to protect your transparent lace closure wig from the heat, sun, and humidity without turning it into an endless battle.
    1. Avoid exposure during peak sunlight hours, i.e. from 11:00 to 15:00 hours.Protect your vigin malaysian hair with caps, hats or the like. Look after your hair with products containing a sunscreen and apply them before and after you go out in the sun.
    2. Sulfate-free shampoos are more delicate than the alternative and strip less moisture from your hair, especially if you use them less often. Try washing once or twice a week depending on your hair texture.
    3. The salt that remains in your hair and on the surface of your head acts as a UV ray intensifier, concentrating and magnifying the rays. Chlorine can have a toxic effect if maintained over time, affecting the hair structure.Rinse your hair or shower after swimming in the sea or the pool if it has a lot of chlorine, as this will help your hair.
    4. Hydrate your hair correctly by using products containing essential nutrients such as antioxidants.Add a hair mask with a sunscreen to your malaysian wavy hair care routine.
    5. It is important to include foods in our diet that contain antioxidants such as vitamins A, C and E. Fruit and vegetables and citrus fruits in particular have a neutralising effect on sun damage and free radicals that can damage cells.
    6. Apply a treatment designed to repair hair cuticles to recover its strength and structure.A good tip is to trim the ends (no more than 1 cm) after the summer period. You may not be able to restore your hair with a treatment, in which case, it is better to trim the ends in order to nourish your hair from the base.
    The warm weather, the endless backyard barbecues, the joy of long, lazy days spent at the beach with sun-soaked skin—what’s not to love? A lot actually when it comes to dealing with some of the season’s biggest hair concerns.
    While winter may be known for causing dry, brittle strands, the steamy summer months are equally synonymous with bringing about frizz, sun-damaged strands, and flat, greasy roots—problems that all require their own unique set of solutions.