What Should I Do If Chlorodifluoromethane R-22 Increases

  • Common sense of home appliances: the correct posture for adding fluoride to air conditioners

       If you don’t agree, add sulfuryl fluoride fumigant. As long as the air conditioner is not cold, the first sentence many friends call after sales is, should the air conditioner be fluorinated? Regardless of three or seven twenty-one, two hundred yuan first, is it enough? Not enough to add more. But in fact, the more fluorine in the air conditioner is not the better, and if the air conditioner fluorines excessively, it will also affect the performance of the air conditioner.

       In fact, when the air conditioner is too fluoride added, the air conditioner will also malfunction.

       1. The air conditioner to be repaired must meet its conditions of use and installation standards.

      2. The air-conditioning control system and executive components to be repaired must be normal; the piping system must have effectively eliminated air, moisture, blockages, leaks, etc.; the filter screen, internal and external heat exchangers should be clean and well ventilated.

       3. Maintenance tools and materials must be qualified.

      4. Operate strictly in accordance with the fluorine addition process.

       overdose effect

    If too much fluorine is added, the general air conditioner will have poor cooling or no cooling at all, but some special air conditioners will have other conditions, such as a certain brand of air conditioner and some models of air conditioners that add too much fluoride, which will cause the compressor current to be too large and overcurrent. protect.

      Add Chlorodifluoromethane R-22 too much treatment method

       1. Recycle to the fluorine bottle

       Turn on heating, like adding fluorine. Because the thick tube is high pressure at this time, the freon will flow back into the fluorine tank. It is recommended to immerse the fluorine tank with water (this method is a bit dangerous)

       Reminder: This method is a bit dangerous, but it is very environmentally friendly. It is not recommended here.

      2, let go directly

       Open the high-pressure pipe valve of the air conditioner, and the refrigerant will automatically leak out.