NBA 2K22 Ratings: Predicting Memphis Grizzlies Player Ratings

  • Player ratings in the 2K collection have actually constantly been a warm topic, so NBA 2K22 is no exemption. Today, I'm going to be predicting each Memphis Grizzlies player's NBA 2K22 rating.

    Yves Pons

    • 2K21 Rating: N/A
    • Predicted 2K22 Rating: 68

    Yves Pons is technically on an Exhibit-10 contract, which indicates he's practically out the roster. That claimed this could be exchanged a two-way agreement. Regrettably, there may not be area, and if there was, NBA 2K22 is almost ensured to give an undrafted freelance signing a horrible rating.

    Sam Merrill

    • 2K21 Rating: 70
    • Predicted 2K22 Rating: 70

    Sam Merrill is a functional shooter who played for an NBA Championship-winning group. His 44.7% 3-point capturing, even if it went to a reduced volume, must aid Memphis in 2021-22. That stated, his rating will not show this.

    Santi Aldama

    • 2K21 Rating: N/A
    • Predicted 2K22 Rating: 70

    Santi Aldama is a floor-stretching huge who could be great for the Grizzlies in the future. Nonetheless, any gamer composed outside of the top-7 tends to get a terrible rating, and Aldama was the last pick in the first round.

    Sean McDermott

    • 2K21 Rating: 69
    • Predicted 2K22 Rating: 72

    Last year, Sean McDermott was provided a 69 general rating, though he really did not do much to verify that he was worthy of a rise in 2020-21. Nevertheless, the reality that he's still on the roster must be enough evidence that he should have a tiny bump.

    Ziaire Williams

    • 2K21 Rating: N/A
    • Predicted 2K22 Rating: 73

    Ziaire Williams was a top-ten choice. That claimed, he is a young individual that hasn't proven that he can shoot the 3-pointer well. If background tells us anything concerning 2K and rating the 10th total pick, it's that he'll be someplace in the 72 or 73 variety.

    John Konchar

    • 2K21 Rating: 75
    • Predicted 2K22 Rating: 76

    I think John Konchar is the best book gamer in the organization today and might match the starting lineup of an NBA group. He is a hard worker who deserves a rating bump more than any person on this team.

    Eric Bledsoe

    • 2K21 Rating: 77
    • Predicted 2K22 Rating: 76

    Eric Bledsoe is a serviceable point guard who plays excellent protection for his dimension and placement, making back-to-back All-NBA honors in 2019 and 2020. However, NBA 2K doesn't seem to appreciate defensive awards, as shown by his 77 general ratings last season.

    Brandon Clarke

    • 2K21 Rating: 81
    • Anticipated 2K22 Rating: 78

    Brandon Clarke is among the few players on this group who I think will get a significant downgrade. Part of this is the reality that his points, shooting percentages, and general effectiveness dropped.

    Tyus Jones

    • 2K21 Rating: 75
    • Anticipated 2K22 Rating: 78

    I think Tyus Jones will certainly get a substantial rating boost in NBA 2K22. His league-best assist-to-turnover proportion. In our hearts, we know specifically how excellent of a backup point guard this male is.

    Xavier Tillman Sr.

    • 2K21 Rating: 77
    • Predicted 2K22 Rating: 78

    Xavier Tillman Sr. was one of the best protectors on the team last period and also did a strong task spacing the floor. Yet I don't believe he'll obtain a substantial upgrade 2K22 since he had a quite charitable rating in NBA 2K21.

    Steven Adams

    • 2K21 Rating: 80
    • Predicted 2K22 Rating: 79

    Steven Adams created on the defensive end yet had a rough season striking the edge. His 7.6 factors per game were the lowest mark given that his novice period. Consequently, he got a terrible rating.

    De'Anthony Melton

    • 2K21 Rating: 77
    • Predicted 2K22 Rating: 79

    De'Anthony Melton was just one of the unsung heroes on the Grizzlies' roster in 2020-21. He took larger strides offensively than any other gamer on the team. I believe his better-capturing will aid, as he tore down over 40% of his long-range shots last period.

    Desmond Bane

    • 2K21 Rating: 75
    • Predicted 2K22 Rating: 80

    Desmond Bane was just one of the best rookies in the 2020 class and the Grizzlies' most consistent long-range knockdown sniper. His Summertime League look has just enhanced the hype behind him, and I assume 2K will buy into it.

    Kyle Anderson

    • 2K21 Rating: 81
    • Predicted 2K22 Rating: 82

    Kyle Anderson will be qualified for an overall increase. Slow-Mo increased his scoring outcome, contended among the best clips from long-range in his occupation, and played much better defense than any gamer in the group.

    Jaren Jackson Jr.

    • 2K21 Rating: 83
    • Forecasted 2K22 Rating: 82

    Jaren Jackson Jr. never entered a groove after returning from injury. His numbers looked like career-lows, although those who saw the Grizz recognize that he takes a long period of time to obtain cleared up. Anticipate his rating to begin reduced and also increase throughout the 2021-22 period.

    Dillon Brooks

    • 2K21 Rating: 76
    • Forecasted 2K22 Rating: 83

    Dillon Brooks established himself as the alpha pet dog on this group and took huge strides offensively. He'll be the second-highest-rated player on this group.

    Ja Morant

    • 2K21 Rating: 85
    • Predicted 2K22 Rating: 86

    After Ja Morant's bounce-back firing the sphere and his NBA Playoff performance, where he established a brand-new franchise-high in factors per game, Morant deserves a substantial upgrade.

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