How Do You Install Your HD Wigs?

  • In today’s content, let’s talk about how to clean and install high-definition lace wigs. This is very useful content for every lady who has the best quality HD lace wigs.

    The HD lace used in the HD lace wig is a royal lace material, which was once called Swiss lace, and is invisible when applied to the scalp. This ensures that the hairline of the wig deals wearer looks natural and makes it difficult to detect lace along the hairline.
    The virgin hair used is composed of thick and strong hair strands that are not easy to break. They are very soft, so you can easily comb them without worrying about hair loss. In addition, the life span of virgin hair is longer than any other type of Remy or synthetic hair.
    Before you start cleaning invisible HD wigs, make sure you have removed all remaining glue.

    Step 1: Comb the color 27 hair wig to clear the knots. Remember to use a comb designed specifically for wigs or a wide-toothed comb to comb your curly lace front wigs. Gently comb from the bottom to minimize hair loss.
    Step 2: Fill the sink with an appropriate amount of warm or cold water, and then add the appropriate shampoo. Place the HD lace wig at the center of the front end of the hairline and slowly dip the wig into the water.
    Since HD lace is very delicate, you should be as soft as possible when scrubbing the inside of the wig.
    After washing the inside of the hair cap, let the wig soak in the water solution for 10 minutes.
    Step 3: Rinse the wig from top to bottom to protect the hair and reduce hair loss.
    Step 4: Start using the conditioner. Be careful not to add conditioner to the root of the lace wigs' human hair. After applying evenly, leave the wig for 3-4 minutes, and then continue to rinse with water.
    Step 5: Wrap the wig with a clean towel and pat dry. Place the wig on the shelf or the head of the mannequin and keep the wig dry naturally. At this time, you can use a wide-tooth comb to remove the knots. After the wig is dry, you can comb and style it.
    How to Install HD Lace Wigs?
    Step 1: Weave your hair into a small braid in advance to make it stick to the scalp as tightly as possible, so that the subsequent wearing effect will be better.
    Step 2: Put on a hair cap to separate your hair from the wig. Trim the hair cap slightly to the front part of the hairline and trim the top of the ears. Then apply some glue on the edge of the hair cap to firmly stick the hair cap and scalp together.
    Step 3: Take out the HD lace wig, you can pull out some hairline parts according to personal preference, which can make the hairline look more real and natural. At the same time, trim the lace of the wig's hairline to an appropriate length.
    Step 4: At the hairline of the previously attached headgear, use a makeup brush to paint some shadows that are similar to the skin tone. You can wipe it back and forth with a towel to keep the shadows evenly applied.
    Step 5: Apply some glue on the hairline of the hair cap and heat it with a hairdryer. Put the wig on the head and press the hairline of the wig with the tail of the comb to make it fit the hair cap completely.
    Step 6: Use a comb to comb the worn hair. You can leave baby hair on the forehead to make the hairline more realistic. Then you can do the styling according to your preference.

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