Where to get Fae Iron in New World

  • When it comes to mining, there are many different types of ore available in New World‘s Aeturnum. The lower tier metals include things like Iron and Silver. However, as you delve into forging, you’ll notice you will require some rarer metals like Fae Iron. This guide will show you where to get Fae Iron in New World and give you some example recipe uses for this rare metal.


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    Where to get Fae Iron in New World

    You can get Fae Iron in New World by mining Iron Veins or purchasing it from the Trading Post.

    Fae Iron is an uncommon Tier 2 Metal resource derived from Iron Veins in New World. To say it’s uncommon is a bit of an understatement because this is a very rare resource. There are some things you can do to increase your odds of finding Fae Iron, though, including:

    1. Level up your mining trade skill
    2. Crafting a Mining Pickaxe with a Mining Luck perk
    3. Using mining potions and food buffs to increase the drop rate

    The easiest way to find Fae Iron is simply by mining a ton of Iron Veins. A higher mining trade skill will improve your odds of yielding rare gems from nodes. Therefore, it may be a good idea to come back to farming for Fae Iron when your mining skill is around level 100. 

    Next, make sure you try to craft an uncommon Mining Pickaxe with the Mining Luck perk. Every time you make a harvesting tool, you have a chance to proc an uncommon one. If you find one with the Mining Luck perk, it will increase your odds of finding rare metals like Fae Iron.

    Finally, some potions and food buffs add extra perks to your harvesting skill, like mining. These are more advanced recipes, so leveling up your cooking skill is an excellent idea if you want to discover these.

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