5 Things You Need To Know About Sleeves On Bridesmaid Dresses

  • Are you planning sleeves in your bridesmaid dresses or can you rather your maids go sleeveless? How can you select? Here's what you should know.

    The priest marrying both of you may have a look at the appropriate attire to get married - which will include your bridesmaids. So if you girls are hidden - even when it's just the shoulders - you will be aware that you are following any necessary etiquette. This Alfred Sung style might be just what you are looking for. Or the Lela Rose style LR225 below is a great halfway house - it's formal without having to be frumpy.

    Set your wedding reception during the winter season and it's apt to be chilly outside. Not ideal for when your maids are hanging about waiting to obtain their photographs taken - and worse if they're skimpily dressed! Somehow arms will always be the part of your body that appears to get cold first. You could select a gown with sleeves, but that may not work so well if you are having an evening party (unless most people are getting changed for you). Be prepared to allow your girls cozy up inside a beautiful Dessy stole.

    Having a seaside wedding? Tying the knot outside within the blazing sun without any air-conditioning? Then we'd say ignore sleeves for the girls. They'll get anxious about patches of perspiration and can want to keep their cool with spaghetti straps, strapless frocks, or perhaps a cap sleeve.

    Depending around the neckline you select, you can have cap sleeves that operate or ones which are slightly from the shoulder. Maybe this really is one you need to let your girls decide for yourselves - they'll understand what suits them and what makes them feel most comfortable.

    Not only can they provide the perfect cover-up, but if you are looking for a gift a pink bridesmaid dresses or stole is both perfectlly and practical. Your maids can wear one over and over. Choose a fabric that actually works with the dress - chiffon, georgette or soft wool are options (depending around the season and placement).