China Scooter Manufacturer Skateboarding Skills Sharing


    Customize Penny Board has a variety of gameplay formats, and there are many types. Today I will take you to understand the tricks of skateboarding. I hope that through my sharing, it will be helpful to you, and I hope you can get better on the road of skateboarding. The happier and happier you come.
           1. Freewheeling

    The skater places his right foot on the middle and front of the skateboard to the right. Step on the ground with your left foot and focus on your right foot. Step on the ground with your left foot, slide the skateboard forward, then put your left foot up to step on the tail of the skateboard, keep your standing balance, slide for a while, then step on the ground with your left foot, and repeat the action. After repeated practice like this, you can do longer sliding distances after you master it better.

           2. 360-degree rotation skills for skateboarding

    The skater makes a slight push to find balance during sliding. It can swing back and forth or go around in circles. Try to keep the skateboard level. When you are ready, swing your arm counterclockwise. At the same time keeping balance, you can make the last push to the left. The center of gravity falls on the right foot, swings the arm to the right, and drives the whole body to rotate. The rear wheel is the shaft when rotating. Try to keep the rear wheels level. Do not lift the front end of the board too high.

    3. Obstacle slip

    In obstacle skating skills, quick stops and sharp turns are very important skills. When sliding down a slope, the speed is relatively fast, and you must learn to use the stop method of keeping your feet on the skateboard and turning the skateboard laterally to brake. There are two ways to change the speed of the skateboard: one is to control the center of gravity with the back foot and try to make the body lean forward to drive the skateboard forward; the other is to bang your feet on the elastic surface of the skateboard and use the elasticity to slide forward. Well, today China Scooter Manufacturer will share with you all here, and then I will share with you a series of skateboarding tips.