Epic Games, Unreal Summit Online 2021 Full Session Disclosure

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    [Data provided: Epic Games]

    - Announces the full session of the Unreal Summit Online 2021 , which is 4 days from October 12 to 15th

    - Common fields, games, movies, TV & live events, construction & manufacturing in order of 30 session progress

    - Epic Games and external unreal experts through external unreal experts Through unreal engine innovative technology and latest development trends

    - The Epic Lounge Homepage has free pre-registration

    The entire session and details of Unreal Summit Online 2021 have been announced.

    The global game development Safa Game Engine developer, Korea s Games Korea s Games Korea s Games Korea, Korea, Korea, Korea, Korea), has released a confirmed total session of Unreal Summit Online 2021 , which is held on October 12, 15, Today (27th) said.

    Unreal Summit is a conference to share innovative technologies, information, and development trends of Unreal Engine. Since the industry s first starting in Epic Games Korea, it has been a conference that represents the industry. As the year increases, the use of Unreal Engine is rapidly expanding from the game to the entire industry in the game, now the Unreal Summit became a large-scale conference that the entire industry s creators enjoyed.

    This year, following the common field of the first day of the industry, a total of 30 unreal engine technologies in the game, movies, TV & live events, construction & manufacturing, and for a total of 30 unreal engine technology lectures, for a total of 4 consolidated, Can be.

    Day 1 is the opening of Epic Games Korea Park Sung Chul, followed by the opening of the Epic Games, which is used by the development of all content creations, including metaverse, The eco system session is held.

    Since then, Epic Games Store for Game Distribution , UP of Quickcell Mega Scans in Unreal Engine , One is one of the only meta human settings , Epic Online Services: Everything you need to build a cross-play game Lecture on individual technologies that make up Epic Games s eco system.

    It also provides a session to the main technologies of Unreal Engine, the next generation technology. Unreal Engine 5 World Configuration: How to Configure and Collaborate Worlds using UE5 from Art Perspective Sessions in a session in a session in a session, using one file, data layer, level instance, and HLOD Demonstrate.

    In addition, all of the Unreal Engine 5 Nanite and Lumen Lecture, Lecture, Nanite and Lumen , which are the core function of Unreal Engine 5, and change the art pipeline and technical aspects. Having a deep lookout.

    Day 2, which will proceed with the theme, in Lion Heart Studios, Odin: Faralancing on the development direction of

    By Taking Unreal Engine Using Content and Development Tips Time In Time, Each Content Features of Multi Platform Games (Multi-Platform Games , which support cross-play in Netmarble Neo, Learn how to find out, and develop a variety of experiences you have gained together.

    In addition to the Indie Games , which was prepared on the NeXT Stage, from the beginning of the multi-platform game to launch, Developing an animated game using the Unreal Engine, Developing an Animation Game, Hound 13, There is a session on the use of Unreal Engine to represent the battle.

    In addition, Turtle Cream Developer: Motion to make elegant games , Nine M Interactive methods for making a size of a scale in a small studio: Motion Capture, JavaScript, WebRTC, and Deep Leaving Sessions to share game development know-how and Utan Plus Interactive Develop Metabus with Unreal Engine , Epic Games Latest Unreal Engine Content Distribution Strategy and Motion Wallpaw and Full Body IK: Procedure The sessions such as creating animation are also available.

    Day 3 is a movie, TV & live event-related session. Siei Mi Entertainment TV Series Animation Producing Pipeline sessions in sessions, using Unreal Engine 4, how to design and implement pipelines for the production of TV series animations. And I will introduce FX application cases.

    Local s Unreal Engine, TV drama in Unreal Engine: Eunchi s cells time of Tv drama Television of TV drama , and animation in animation studio, not game development, It is scheduled to present specific methods that have been shared and solved the problems that were faced when they proceed.

    In addition, Cinematic analysis prepared in the tin robot studio: Cinematic video constructed by real-time pipeline session and giant step XR Concert: Evolution of K-POP XR Live Concert session, Lux Marina Virtual Explore production stage design and the innovation of real-time rendering technology through Unreal Engine in Epic Games M & E Industry: Time to Get Real session is also available.

    Last Day 4 has a session of experts who are engaged in construction & manufacturing themes. In the Unified Design Workflow in the Coastal Architecture session, the session session will disclose the interactive content case that utilizes Unreal Engine. And introducing workflows for designers and technicians, how to solve the problems that can be commonly experienced on the operation of the existing architectural design program, and the tips that apply assets, and templates.

    Changes in Future Retail Customer Experience: 3D convoyer, Vehicle exhibition beyond the constraints of space, covering the 3D configuration of the 3D convolector, which is a representative component of Kia Motors, Hyundai Authority and Kia Motors, Hyundai Authority and Clergy. We are going to learn about trends, digital transformers that are becoming a trend in the entire industry while introducing the direction of future customer experience in automotive retail stores.

    In addition, the Twin Mouth and Unreal Engine to implement spatial information through Unreal Engine, the session, MMGOs Studio session, Em-resus studio Metropolitan and VR Content implementation for industrial safety education and job training , Hyundai Doosan Infra The core s Effective Transport & Construction Product Design Visualization session is also available, and sessions such as Epic Games Digital Twin will be able to view the Digital Twin to import to the AEC industry and the extension to the metabus .

    Meanwhile, various events are also proceeding. First, after free pre-registration, Facebook and Instagram is a Galaxy Buzz 2 and Unreal Pouch through Galaxy Buzz 2 and Unreal Pouch through the selection of the most expected session title with 2021 hashtag.

    Also, when the summit starts, the Each session will present a goodness such as Unreal Pouch and Jang Woo San through the lottery, and after all sessions are finished, PS5 or XBOX series X, Unreal Bluetooth mouse, Unreal Bluetooth headphones, etc. And provide. Finally, participating in a survey in which all session ends daily daily participates in a survey to provide prizes through lottery.

    Epic Games Korea Park Sung Chul, said, This Unreal Summit Online 2021 is a real-time visualization, digital twin, I prepared it as a previous-class session of Unreal Engine Creators, which is active in the exacted unrealized intercession.

    Then, if you want to have a unreal engine, you want to have free pre-registration and get infinite inspiration in your creativity.

    People who want to participate in Unreal Summit online 2021 will apply for free pre-registration in the Epic Lounge homepage and connect to the lecture time. All lectures of Unreal Summit Online 2021 are available on PC and mobile.