Babylon s Fall shows a new graphic improvement after his critic

  • Platinum Games has shown over the years that it is a great company when making video games. A fact that has been demonstrated through the hack and slash of Bayonetta or Nier: Automata, and that it intended to reiterate once more with Babylon s Fall. However, and after a trailer with brushstrokes of Gameplay presented during E3 2021, multiple complaints have emerged as a result of its graphic section . Now, to amend this failure, Platinum has shown a first image that reflects the graphic improvement of Babylon s Fall.

    Platinum wants to improve Babylon s Fall graphics without losing your artistic style A very short demonstration that has been done through the official game of the game on Twitter, where a game image is taught before and after Of the aforementioned improvement. In this sense, Platinum is putting an endorsement in this section, but without losing the artistic essence of the title : The Babylon s Fall team has been working to update the graphics and improve readability at the same time that the style is preserved Of so unique oil painting .

    This intention can be observed in the comparison that is attached in the publication, which serves as a first sample of what could be done with Babylon s Fall. However, as some users point, this improvement should also be seen in a gameplay , because the diffuse setting around the action was one of the most criticized sections during its presentation in E3.

    Therefore, it seems that Babylon s Fall still has a lot to teach us, so it will take us to wait until its release at some point of 2022 to appreciate this graphic improvement in PC, PS4 and PS5. As for its mechanics, the game of Platinum has recently counted with a closed beta in which it has highlighted a slow and little exciting action , something that will be fixed by looking at the comments of your community.

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