Madden NFL 22 Beginner some tricks and tips


    On August 20th, EA released Madden NFL 22, which is the latest in EA Sports' long-running American football franchise, which can be used on PS5, PS4, Xbox One, and Xbox Series X/S, and so on. As a beginner, how to play this game well? The following MMOSO will explain some Madden NFL 22 skills and tips for you.

    1. Find the setting that suits you
    In the beginning, we must change the game settings and reduce the difficulty, if you don't know anything about American football or Madden games. As a novice, the arcade mode is a good starting point. With the in-depth mastery of the game, you can change the setting to the competitive mode at any time later.

    2. Take some time to learn skill trainers
    If you want to understand what formation and concept to use when then we strongly recommend that you take some time to learn how to use the skill trainer. You can find it under the exhibition tab of the main menu. You can not only learn how to start Madden NFL 22 but also a crash course in NFL tactics.

    3. Don't take unnecessary risks
    In Madden NFL 22, we sometimes need to take risks, especially if we find ourselves chasing the game very late. However, if we have a lead or are in a tie, then we should try to minimize the risk. For example, if your quarterback is under pressure, you should always throw the ball away with R3 to avoid taking sacks and losing yards.

    4. Manage the clock
    Time management is an important aspect of Madden NFL. It may directly affect whether we win or lose. So we can manage the clock by running the ball, and play the ball methodically, usually just hogging possession time. If the ball is in your opponent's hands for less time, then they have less chance of scoring, so taking the time to combine short passes and running is very important to our game results.

    5. Beware of scrambling quarterbacks
    When we face a quarterback like Lamar Jackson, perfect coverage of wide receivers is only one of our problems: even the most organized defense, quarterbacks can get messy. So a quick tip at this time is to assign a QB Spy. In addition, if we want to contain quarterbacks, we only need to select a linebacker in the pre-snap, then press X and move the analog stick on the right to the left. If we are using L2 to pull up the Play Art, we will see a red ring around the selected player, indicating that they will contain the quarterback.

    The above are some guidelines for beginners to start playing Madden NFL 22. If you have any other strategies or suggestions you want to share, please let us know in the comments section below. If you don't have enough MUT 22 Coins to play the game, please visit