How to play the Ultimate Team in Madden NFL 22

  • In Madden NFL 22, old players are familiar with the word Ultimate Team and know what it means in the game, but as a new player, it may not be clear. Below, MMOSO will explain to you in detail what Ultimate Team is and how to play Ultimate Team in Madden NFL 22.

    1. What is Ultimate Team
    Madden NFL 22 is composed of a variety of different modes, so Ultimate Team is one of them, and it is the most popular among players. Our goal in Ultimate Team is to collect cards to build an unparalleled roster of players. Cards can be obtained by purchasing Packs, completing challenges to unlock them, or trading.

    2. How to play Ultimate Team
    We can access Ultimate Team from the main menu, and we need to complete many onboarding tasks to help us start using it after the first load. At that time, we will be automatically assigned to the basic players in each position to help us set up, although our overall rating at this stage will be around 64. In our Ultimate Team career, our goal is to strengthen each position with better players.

    In addition, before starting Ultimate Team in Madden NFL 22, one thing worth remembering is to understand that every season follows a power curve. This means that, in essence, EA Sports will gradually find better players throughout the life cycle of the game. Therefore, our lineup rating will have an upper limit before releasing a better card.

    This is why we try not to buy Packs unless we intend to become a competitive player. Because the best card in the game in August is not necessarily the best card in January. As the season progresses, we will gradually unlock better and stronger players in each position, and as the season matures, our overall rating will also improve.

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