How to get Packs in Madden NFL 22

  • To build an Ultimate Team in Madden NFL 22, we need cards, and the fastest way to collect cards is to buy Packs. But we strongly recommend that you not do this, if you are just a casual player. Because it is not only expensive but there is no guarantee that we will get the cards we need.

    But Packs are still very important to improve our Ultimate Team, so are there any ways to get Packs without spending money? The answer is yes, the following MMOSO will introduce you to the method of obtaining Packs through natural gameplay.

    1. Task: We need to attend to the task and try to complete as many tasks as possible. In the game, many tasks can be accumulated, including tasks such as accumulating yards and points in all Ultimate Team modes. As we upgrade in each season, we will receive Packs and Coins, so we have to pay attention to what the game wants us to do.

    2. Challenges: Challenges are single-player or cooperative tasks. We will use the Ultimate Team to fight against various opponents in unique situations. When we collect more Stars in each program, we will have the opportunity to unlock Packs, so pay attention to each goal and try to collect as many stars as possible.

    3. Single-player battles: Single-player battles allow us to play offline against other squads from the Madden NFL 22 community. By completing these tasks on harder difficulties, we will earn points, improve our overall score, and allow us to earn Packs and Coins every week.

    4. H2H Seasons: According to our performance in Madden NFL 22, we can choose to play competitive online matches in H2H Seasons. Events will change over time, but we will have the opportunity to earn coins and cards, depending on our performance. Some events may require us to pay coins to enter.

    5. EA Play: Throughout the season, users who subscribe to EA Play will be entitled to reward Packs and boosts in Ultimate Team, which will help us earn cards for Ultimate Team.

    Are the above five ways to get Packs very simple? If you have time, please try it out in the game, there may be surprises! If you want to buy MUT 22 Coins, please look for