The first chapter of how to build an Ultimate Team without spen

  • In Madden NFL 22, to build an Ultimate Team, some players will purchase Packs to collect cards. Of course, if we have enough money to dominate this behavior and enjoy this experience, then it is feasible to buy Packs in Ultimate Team. But before buying, we need to know that when Madden NFL 23 is released, your Ultimate Team will be worthless, and the Packs are random, so you have no control over which cards you will get.

    Under this cognition, most players hope to build an Ultimate Team can without spending money. Although it is difficult to build the best roster in the game using this method, you can build a competitive and interesting team. So, what are the ways to not spend money? Let's take a look at it with me!

    1. Collect cards
    We need cards to build an Ultimate Team, but the fastest way to collect cards is to buy Packs. In the last issue, I have introduced to you how to get Packs through natural gameplay without spending money to buy Packs. You can check my blog if you have time, so I won't repeat it here.

    2. Theme Teams
    When building a themed team, we mainly want to sell any players who do not meet the requirements of our roster, and then use our accumulated Coins for players who meet the requirements. We can filter the Auction House based on the team. We should also spend coins on players who can help us complete Sets, but as we have to trade these cards, be sure to spend as little as possible. We should only complete Sets that reward you with players, thereby improving our overall roster.

    3 Sets
    As mentioned above, Sets can reward players who can truly improve our Ultimate Team. Even at the time of release, there are many Sets available, and we might be tempted to complete them all. However, we need to know that the game is not really designed that way, instead, we should specify cards that can improve our team and focus on them. If we are building a themed team, then look out for Sets with players who can improve our chemistry and our starting lineup.

    Since Sets are marked with NAT conditions, they are a good way to trade low-value cards, so you will never use or can't sell at all. If you don't have the required cards in your Item Binder, you can buy them from the Auction House, but don't spend more than the value of the cards worth to complete a Set.

    Today, I will introduce these three methods to you first, and there are a few remaining methods that will continue to be introduced tomorrow. Please keep an eye on my blog for updates. If you want to buy MUT 22 Coins, you can follow our website:, thanks for your support.