The second chapter of how to build an Ultimate Team without spe


    In yesterday's article, I have introduced the first three ways to build an Ultimate Team in Madden NFL 22 without spending money. Today I will continue to introduce the other two methods to everyone. They are as follows:

    1. Auction House
    Depending on the type of Ultimate Team we are building, we will eventually unlock the cards we don’t need. If these cards are marked with NAT, then we need to try to use them in the Sets as much as possible. If not, then consider their overall value first. We can search for any card in our Item Binder of the Auction House to understand its overall selling price.

    If it is low, then we can also consider using it in Sets, depending on what we are currently trying to accomplish. If it is high, then we can consider selling it and using our accumulated coins to reinvest in our team. Please keep in mind that EA Sports will charge a 10% tax on the goods we sell at the Auction House.

    2. Challenge
    Throughout the life cycle of Madden NFL 22 game, EA Sports will add dozens of new challenges. These are goals that we can complete solo and in cooperation to unlock Packs, Coins, and many other rewards.

    In addition, we should try the hardest difficulty for the most Stars when possible, and pay attention to the sub-goals. These can be easy and will reward us with extra Stars, such as passing touchdowns or sprinting a certain number of yards. Just by playing and completing challenges, we will truly strengthen our Ultimate Team and get very rich rewards.

    That's all for today. In conjunction with the previous article, I have introduced you to five ways to build an ultimate team without spending money. The remaining two methods will be explained to you tomorrow. If you need MUT 22 coins, you can buy through this link:!