The last chapter of how to build an Ultimate Team without spend

  • I have introduced Madden NFL 22 players to five ways to build an Ultimate Team without spending money in my previous two articles. Today I will tell you the remaining two methods. They are as follows:

    3. Single player combat and Head 2 Head Season
    In addition to challenges, the main game modes of Madden NFL 22 also include Solo Battles and Head 2 Head Seasons. Solo Battles is a single-player game mode in which we will play the fantasy roster of other players in the game community and try to beat them to earn points.

    If we feel that our roster is very competitive and, most importantly, we have the skills to compete with other online players, then we can also get rewards by playing Head 2 Head Seasons.

    4. Strategy, script, and energy enhancement
    In addition to player cards, we also need to use Strategy cards to deepen the team's chemistry. In fact, the best strategy card will depend on our personnel and how we want to play. If we prefer to focus on running the ball, then we may need to consider using Strategy cards that emphasize running the ball. If we pay more attention to passing, then cards like Deep Route Specialist will work better.

    Although there are special team Strategy cards that occupy the defensive position in the game, we can still equip two offensive and two defensive Strategy cards at the same time. But before deciding on a specific card, we need to think about how our team should play.

    Last, we also need to remember the type of Playbooks we plan to use. Some of the best offensive Playbooks include Buffalo Bills, Kansas City Chiefs, and Seattle Seahawks. There are also players who like the New York Giants' defensive Playbook, but please try and decide what suits us best. The right thing is the most important.

    This concludes the entire content of this topic. Combining the first two articles, I have introduced you to seven ways to build an Ultimate Team without spending money. When you have time, you can try them one by one. If you need MUT 22 Coins during this process, you can visit this link to buy the cheapest Coins:!