In Madden NFL 22 how to win the Super Bowl in Franchise

  • Super Bowl is the holy grail of American football. Leading a team to win the Super Bowl is supreme glory, and your goal in the Franchise is to create a dynasty. Buy Madden 22 Coins that can help you reach your goals faster. So, how to win the Super Bowl in Franchise in Madden NFL 22 is that many players want to know. Follow me to find the answer below!

    1. To know your team
    It's a good idea to get to know your personnel before you lead your team into a playoff charge. If we are a fan of a team in real life, then we know that players are superstars or something.

    For example, the New York Giants were built around Sakun Barkley, so he influenced everything the team did on the offensive end. This is information to know because while the team can be developed in any way you like, it means that you may want to focus on managing football in combination with Play Action to avoid becoming too predictable. Then you can start to develop a plan on how to develop the team.

    2. Scout your opposition
    We can scout our opponents in Madden NFL 22, this is a new feature. The game will assign an offensive game plan focus and a defensive game plan focus, which will enhance your performance under certain conditions, but you can adjust these based on the data provided to you. You should also set game day goals based on how you plan to handle each game and your personnel.

    For instance, if you plan to expose your opponent's secondary position and attack them by passing plays, then setting yourself a 150-yard Gameday goal is meaningless. All this is self-explanatory, but you must set an achievable Gameday goal, because this is the only way you can earn staff points, and staff points can be used to upgrade the talent tree of your staff.

    3. Upgrade your staff
    Another reason that knowing your roster is so important to you is that it affects the way you develop your staff. Madden NFL 22 adds offensive coordinator and defensive coordinator, they can enhance your player personnel on the field. However, you need to earn Staff points by completing Gameday goals to purchase upgrades for each member's talent tree.

    We need to remember is that some coordinators may eventually be hired as head coaches by other teams in the later stages of your Franchise. Therefore, we must not only carefully consider where to strengthen our team, but also consider one possibility is that you may need to restart the Franchise at a later stage.

    The above are three of the ways to win the Super Bowl in Franchise, and three others will be introduced to you in the next article. In the process of playing the game, if you need MUT 22 Coins, you can choose: to buy at the lowest price.