The second part of how to win the Super Bowl in Franchise

  • In yesterday's article, you already know the three ways you want to win the Super Bowl in Franchise. Today, I will introduce you to the other three ways. The specific content is as follows, the correct to buy Madden 22 Coins is also important to win the Super Bowl.

    4. Improve our team
    Every NFL roster, even the terrifying Kansas City Chiefs, can be improved. If we choose "Manage Roster" and then "Improve Team", we will get some key players through Trade or Free Agency, as well as the rating of each key position in our roster. When looking for potential draft picks, we will also find the same information. Needless to say, we want to improve the weakest position on our list, and we also need to pay close attention to the age and contract of the players.

    It is important that we not only manage our Franchise in the short term but also understand what we want our team to be. Because we may need several seasons to achieve our overall goal, but if we are not sure what we want to do with our roster, then we will end up with a weak team that has no hope of winning the Super Bowl. Remember, every season will bring new challenges, and the dynasty needs to continue to evolve in order to remain competitive. Make difficult decisions and we will prosper over time.

    5. Effectively manage the game
    Depending on the type of Franchise we like, we might want to spend just as much time on the field as we would develop a roster off it. If we intend to win a big game, then we can effectively supervise the game, which is very important.

    By formulating strategies that can not only achieve our Gameday goals but also expose the weaknesses of our opponents, we will give full play to the strengths of our staff and coaches. Make the most of the clock and drag it out if we are ahead to extend the length of our possessions and keep the ball away from the opponent's hand.

    6. Pay attention to player fatigue
    When we plan the next matchup, please pay close attention to the fatigue of the personnel, as this can lead to injuries. If we want, we can turn on automatic substitution in your league settings, but tired players will be indicated by yellow or even red dots on the formation playcalling screen. As players get more and more tired, they are prone to injuries and fumbles, both of which are not ideal when we enter the playoff push.

    In addition, we can also assign different training intensities in the weekly strategy screen. Think about the condition of our players and whether they really need additional reps in training. The NFL season is very difficult, especially if we want to make a breakthrough in the playoffs push, so sometimes it is worthwhile to just relax a little training and give our starters time to recover.

    Now that everyone knows all the ways to win the Super Bowl, I hope that players can win it by working hard with the team. When you lack MUT Coins, buy some on is a good way.