Tom Brady Get A 99 Rating From Madden 22 Update After He Sets N

  • After EA Sports set a new NFL passing record some time ago, it let Tom Brady's ratings in Madden NFL 22 have increased. If you play Madden NFL 22, MMOSO is a good shop to buy MUT 22 Coins For Sale. Brady's total rating from 97 points to 99 points, temporarily increased by two points to reflect his achievements in the real world.

    Since Madden NFL 19, this is the first time Brady has been rated 99 in Madden. Brady's mid-throw accuracy(98) and deep throw accuracy  (99) has also been improved. Brady raised the OVR to 99 points to celebrate the temporary improvement of the new NFL record, so it seems that he will revert back to 97 points in the future.

    When Brady returned to New England, he surpassed Drew Brees to create the all-time career record for passing yards (80,560 yards). His Buccaneers defeated the Patriots 19-17. Ben Roethlisberger of the Pittsburgh Steelers is the next closet active player with 61,381 passing yards.

    According to data from sportsbooks, Brady's Buccaneers won the Super Bowl LV and have the greatest chance of becoming a Super Bowl champion again this year. Brady and Kansas City Chiefs QB Patrick Mahomes alongside on the cover of Madden NFL 22.

    Are you a fan of Tom Brady? Are you very happy about what he achieved this time? I am happy, haha! If you are a fan of Madden NFL 22, you can buy cheap Coins from the website.