Scouting Update of Madden 22 released with the October Title Up

  • Now, the eventual Scouting Update of Madden 22 has finally been released together with the October Title Update, which fans have been waiting for a long time. Players like buy Madden NFL 20 Coins on MMOSO. After EA Sports was postponed early, the Scouting Update finally appeared in Madden 22 as part of the October Title Update.

    After YouTube content creator Big Game Bengal shared a teaser for a tutorial about the new Scouting feature, the news was teased on Twitter for the first time, but the official Madden account confirmed the update shortly afterward.

    After a final slight delay, the official patch notes now arrive for the  Madden 22 October 12 Title Update featuring Scouting. The October Title Update, including Scouting, was both further confirmed in Good Morning Madden, and our guess is finally over.

    As a reminder, you cannot use the new Scouting feature in an existing franchise save, and you must start a brand new save after the update is complete to take advantage of it, and some of the details are platform-specific.

    We can confirm that the update has been deployed on Xbox Series X|S, which may mean that other platforms have received it or should receive it soon.

    The download size of this Madden 22 Update is 4.87 GB on Xbox Series X|S and 4.019 GB on PS5. We expect similar sizes on other platforms. However, the download volume of PS4 update version 2.01 is as high as 46.148 GB, which may indicate that a lot of more in-depth work has been done in the game to make Scouting applicable to the current generation.

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