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    If you are a half size, Golden Goose recommends sizing up a Golden Goose Shoes whole size. If you buy your size thinking you can exchange it later, chances are they may be sold out when it comes time to return them because there are so many limited amounts made. This dedicated Golden Goose post is long overdue as many of you know how much I love my Golden Goose sneakers and just how often I wear them. Theyre my absolute favorite shoes EVER.

    As you guys know, I've been wearing Golden Goose sneakers for a long time now. It took me a while to make the initial purchase, but I immediately fell in love, and now I have numerous pairs. Colour wise, I was torn between buying the pristine looking new pair, or opting for one of their classic aged options. In the end, the latter won out.

    Black Slide sneakers in canvas with metallic green star, Slide sneakers are our purest expression of the skateboarding world. An American vibe with a glamorous touch that translates into streetwear style, ideal for metropolitan looks. The design remains faithful to our philosophy and retains all of the details that have always made our sneakers special. You will feel the revolution from the very first moment you put them on.

    I finally understand how people were walking around Italy in these beauties. You will feel the revolution from the very first moment you put them on. I usually wear a 6. There are a Golden Goose Stardan few different styles, but the V 10s and Esplars are my favorite. I wore these sneakers in nyc when it was raining and gross outside and my shoes still look perfect.

    Men's camouflage LTD Mid Star sneakers with fuchsia inserts and metallic silver star, With our sneakers, we're carrying forward our idea of style. Super Star sneakers with leopard print star and zebra print heel tab, Super Star by name, Super Star by nature this style, hand made Golden Goose by expert craftsmen, is made extra special thanks to the animal print inserts on the star and heel tab.

    Women's Limited Edition LAB denim Super Star sneakers with neon inserts, We take our idea of style to a new level with our sneakers. We tell stories, highlighting the uniqueness of each one of us. White Super Star sneakers with glittery purple rear, The appeal of these sneakers' streetwear elegance lies in the exclusive finishes and the use of premium materials. Each model is updated from season to season to create classics that are always contemporary these Super Star sneakers feature an anise green suede star and glittery purple rear.