How To Use Read Option In Madden 21

  • In Madden 21, Read Options aren't new, but they have been tweaked this year. The option used to be resigned to College teams focused on running the ball. But in the last couple of years, the 'option' play has grown in the NFL with the increase in mobile QBs. Still, not everyone uses unorthodox plays like running the read option, so here’s how to use it in Madden 21 if you’re unsure.

    Hold A/X to hand off option (Read R defender)
    Press LB/L1 to pitch option (Read P defender)
    Sometimes there is a 2nd player to pitch and it will be RB/R1 (the icon will appear above their head)
    Press nothing to keep with QB

    The Read Option can be found in a lot of different playbooks, with it needing an RB in the backfield with you to execute it. The Read Option works because the ball will be snapped to the quarterback in the set you have chosen. Once you have the ball in your hand, the RB will run in front of you and you can either hand it off or keep it and run with the QB instead. In madden 21 it’s a great way of mixing things up and keeping your opponent guessing.

    If you want to have success with the read option plays, you need to learn the 'read' part. Read option plays are about timing, waiting until the right defender bites on the ball and reacting in advance. You need agile and quick players to carry this off.

    As with all plays in Madden, it's a balance of risk and reward and will require plenty of practice and can unlock huge yardage and frustrate opponents. A bad read can lead to a big loss of yards, so get plenty of practice in before you add this play to your repertoire.

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