huidegui HDD Docking Station with usb 3.0

  • Today's USB-C interface has high bandwidth and versatile characteristics. In addition to transmitting video and audio data, it also incorporates the important task of charging. Huidegui, which focuses on digital accessories, adds storage functions to the docking station and launches HDD Docking Station with usb. 3.0.

    From left to right, the interfaces are DC power input interface for independent power supply, HDMI video output interface, and three USB3.1 USB-A data transmission interfaces for connecting peripherals such as mouse, keyboard and U disk. On the far right is the USB-C charging input interface, which can provide PD fast charging and power supply for the notebook through a short line.

    The overall design of the appearance is a mature and stable business style. The silver-gray shell adopts a two-stage design and comes with a 15CM long USB-C short cable; the weight is 120g, which is light and portable, with powerful functions and storage expansion. Is this found? Where is the best notebook partner?

    HDD Docking Station with usb 3.0 uses a B-Key slot and supports the types of solid-state drives: B-Key and B&M-Key.