Unique Advantages Of China Green Tea

  • The difference between black tea and China Green Tea: the water temperature is different
       Premium green tea, especially the famous green tea with tender buds and leaves, is generally brewed with boiling water at around 80°. Too high water temperature can easily destroy the vitamin C in the tea, and the caffeine is easy to precipitate, causing the tea soup to turn yellow and have a bitter taste.
      When brewing various scented tea, black tea, and low-to-medium-grade green tea, you need to use 90-100° boiling water to brew. The water temperature is low, the effective ingredients in the tea are less precipitated, and the tea taste is light.
      The difference between black tea and green tea 2: The color of the tea soup is different
       A few minutes before brewing, the black tea is light brown; the green tea soup is clear green. After brewing for more than half an hour, black tea is brown, and good green tea is still green.
       Green tea is brighter in color, green or dark green, and black tea is light brown or dark brown.
      The difference between black tea and green tea 3: the production process is different
       black tea:
       A fully fermented tea with a degree of fermentation of 80 to 90%. The production process does not kill the cyanines, but directly withers, kneads and cuts, and then undergoes complete fermentation, so that the tea polyphenols contained in the tea are oxidized into thearubicin, thus forming the dark red tea and red tea soup that are unique to black tea.
      The dry tea color and the brewed tea soup are mainly red, so it is called black tea. Black tea was called "black tea" when it was first created.
       Black tea undergoes a chemical reaction during the processing process. The chemical components in the fresh leaves have changed greatly, and the tea polyphenols have been reduced by more than 90%, resulting in new theaflavins and theaflavins.
      The dry tea color of black tea and the brewed tea soup are mainly red
    Aroma substances have increased from more than 50 in fresh leaves to more than 300. Some caffeine, catechins and theaflavins are complexed to form delicious complexes, thus forming black tea, red soup, red leaves and sweet and mellow Quality characteristics.
      Green tea:
       The tea leaves are made without any fermentation process, using suitable tea tree shoots as raw materials, and directly after picking, through typical processes such as finishing, rolling and drying. The color and luster of the dry tea, the tea soup and the bottom of the leaves after brewing are mainly green, hence the name.
       Green tea tastes fresh and mellow, refreshing and pleasant. Due to different methods of construction, it can be divided into fried green tea made by pot frying, such as Longjing and Biluochun, and steamed Gunpowder Tea cooked with high-temperature steam, such as Japanese Sencha and Yulu. The former has a strong aroma and the latter has a fresh and green feel.