How To Store Chunmee Green Tea

  • As far as the tea itself is concerned, the tea product must have clear grade specifications, good dryness, and the moisture content of the tea should not be higher than 5% to 7%. If the water content of the tea is relatively high, Chinese Green Tea manufacturers can reduce the water content by baking and re-fire. The factory can use a dryer to do it. The family can use a non-oily iron pot to roast the tea after heating, and the temperature is not suitable. If it is too high, slow frying at low temperature can be used. Pack and store in time after spreading cool. Do not dry tea in the sun, nor use microwave ovens to roast tea. Sun-dried tea is prone to sun-dried peculiar smell, and microwave-baked tea is prone to scorching and produce a burnt smell. The environmental conditions for storing tea should strive to create low temperature, low humidity, anaerobic, and avoid light. The commonly used storage methods are as follows:

    1. Store in airtight packaging at room temperature

    To store tea at room temperature, the tea must be packaged in a packaging bag made of aluminum foil or composite film with good sealing performance, tasteless and impermeable to water, and stored at a lower temperature after sealing.

    1. Dry storage

    Commonly used are block lime storage method and dry charcoal or silica gel storage method. The storage method of the lime tank is simple. Put the lumpy unweathered lime on the bottom of the tank, and spread a layer of paper on it, and stack the tea leaves wrapped in paper on it, or put the lumpy lime in a cloth bag and place it in the center of the tank and place it around Tea leaves wrapped in paper. Lime tank storage must be checked regularly. After the lime mass is found to be deliquescence and weathering, the lime must be exchanged to maintain dryness. The storage method of charcoal and silica gel is similar to the lime method, so pay attention to regular replacement.

    1. Low temperature storage

    Factories and enterprises can use cold storage. Of course, the lower the cold storage temperature, the better. However, to balance energy conservation and quality maintenance, low-temperature storage at around 5°C is generally used. At this temperature, as long as the tea leaves are well dried, they can generally be kept fresh for about 1 year.

    In the home, the refrigerator can also be used to store tea. The method is to seal the tea into a small package of 0.1 to 0.2 kg, and then place it in the freezer of the refrigerator, which also has a fresh-keeping effect for about one year. The problem of refrigeration is that when taking out Chunmee Green Tea, do not open the package immediately. When the temperature of the tea bag reaches normal temperature, open the package and take the tea for drinking.