What Are The Benefits Of China Green Tea

  • What should I do if I have low blood pressure after a meal? Don't be afraid, drinking a glass of China Green Tea before a meal can easily manage low blood pressure after a meal!

    What are the benefits of drinking green tea

    Drinking a cup of green tea before meals can prevent postprandial hypotension

    To prevent postprandial hypotension, it is necessary to develop the basic eating habit of chewing slowly and eating small and frequent meals. In addition, drinking a cup of green tea before a meal can effectively prevent postprandial hypotension. This is because the caffeine in tea and coffee can inhibit the release of enterokinase in large quantities and prevent blood pressure from dropping rapidly in a short time.

    In addition to drinking Gunpowder Tea before meals can prevent hypotension, foods that are likely to cause low blood pressure after meals are mostly carbohydrate-rich rice and noodles. Especially when you eat too fast, blood pressure will increase in a short time. reduce. Friends who are prone to low blood pressure must pay attention to this.

    In addition, it is not recommended to stay in bed immediately after a meal. You should sit for half an hour or take a walk for a while. Being in bed immediately after a meal is also a cause of postprandial hypotension.