Animal Crossing: Halloween Activity Manual

  • The annual Halloween is coming. On the occasion of this highly anticipated holiday, the Animal Crossing has undergone a major update and brought many Halloween activities. This blog will take you to familiarize yourself with these Halloween related activities.

    Throughout October, you can plant pumpkins on your island every day, collect candies, and rare furniture. On Halloween, you can use the collected props for trick or treat. In view of the causes of this epidemic, Animal Crossing may become the best choice for players to perform a trick or treat. Before the event starts, I suggest that you can get some Animal Crossing Bells or tickets in case you need them.

    In this event, there are many ways to get rare Halloween themed items. You can visit the houses of the villagers, and they will give you a DIY recipe. You can also go to the Nook Cranny, where there is a limited time exotic costume available for purchase every day. For example, weird lantern suits or gorgeous arches with twisted branches.

    In addition to collecting quirky costumes, collecting candy is certainly an essential activity. You can buy candy at Nook Cranny every day. Note that this can only be purchased once a day. If you want to buy more candies, please go to a friend's island to buy it. Please Buy Animal Crossing Bells and tickets in advance. In addition to buying candies, on the eve of Halloween, you can go to a friend's house in a strange costume to trick or treat, which also allows you to get a certain amount of free candies.

    Although the epidemic has had a great impact, I still hope that players will have a happy Halloween in Animal Crossing. The above is all the content of this blog. Follow me to show you more game information.