Manual Corn Seeder Is A Very Important Equipment

  •     Manual Corn Seeder is a very important agricultural equipment in agricultural production. In the prior art, most cutting machines have the disadvantages of complex structure, numerous accessories, troublesome operation, difficult to master, small application range, low seedling accuracy rate and the like. Therefore, it also affected the popularization of the equipment.

       Aiming at the above shortcomings, a semi-automatic equipment with compact structure, convenient use and adjustment, wide application range and high seedling accuracy is provided. The technical scheme adopted by the utility model to solve its technical problems, and its structure includes a frame, a transmission system, a transplanter assembly, a seedling thrower assembly, a main seedling frame, a seedling frame attached, a soil-covering suppression assembly, and a seat, etc. composition. The transmission system is located on both sides of the frame and is the power source of the machine. It includes ground wheels, active sprocket, passive sprocket, chain, etc.; the transplanter assembly is located in the middle of the frame and can be installed according to the size of the supporting power. Group to six groups; the seedling thrower assembly is located above the transplanter assembly; the attached seedling tray is located above the transplanter assembly and outside the seedling thrower assembly; the main seedling tray is located on both sides of the rear beam of the frame, A seedling tray is placed on it; the soil-covering suppression assembly is located behind the transplanter assembly, which includes a soil-covering wheel and a soil-covering wheel adjustment mechanism; the seat is installed on the longitudinal beams on both sides of the frame. Compared with the prior art, the existing semi-automatic equipment has the advantages of compact structure, convenient use and adjustment, wide application range and high seedling accuracy rate. It solves the existing problems of the equipment and therefore has a good market prospect.

       Then what adjustments do we need to make before using Manual Corn Seeder? Let's take a look together.

       1. On a flat and hard ground, the triangle suspension of the four-wheeler is connected to the equipment, the machine is adjusted to a horizontal position, and the length of the pull rods on both sides of the four-wheeler is fixed to the same length.

    1. Four-wheeled Corn Sheller, take a small amount of paper tube without seedlings and put it on the conveyor belt, drive the wheel at a constant speed to make the paper tube fall slowly. Observe that the trencher behind the paper tube drops 1-2 cm vertically. Otherwise adjust the trencher or clamp the seeder.

      3. Keep the equipment level during the transplanting process. The proper depth of the trencher is the depth of the central axis of the trenching board. The transplantation depth is adjustable, the handle is clockwise deep, otherwise shallow.