The Main Points Of Manual Corn Seeder's Work During Busy Farmin

  • The manufacturer of Manual Corn Seeder hopes to draw attention to these points during the busy agricultural season.
    At the end of April, the agricultural peak season arrived. Manual Corn Seeders are inevitably useful because they can help farmers’ friends, but they also need to be careful. Only when we take it seriously and pay close attention, can he provide us with a friendlier service, farming the lowlands, planting and fertilizing us. Isn't that true? In this busy agricultural era, Manual Corn Seeder manufacturers need a lot of attention. So what do you need to pay attention to?
    To summarize the use of Manual Corn Seeder in recent years, special attention may be required. First, after changing the one-year period, do I need to check whether it is working properly before shipping to the site? It may look good when you stand up, but it may malfunction when you run out. Second, after a long period of inactivity, the internal lubricant will solidify and deteriorate over time, and you can replace it with a substitute lubricant. Otherwise, the bearing will be difficult to operate, unable to run smoothly, with lower efficiency and faster wear.
    These are some of the aspects carefully controlled by the Corn Sheller manufacturer. Pay special attention. Pay attention to most new and old users.