Scientific Maintenance Of Planting Machine

    1. Adjust measures to local conditions. If there are many rocks in the field, it is recommended to use other Planting Machine for farming.
    2. Correct operation. Start and engage the power first, and then slowly lower the farm tool, so that the blade of the rotary tiller slowly enters the soil while moving, and lift the farm tool first when turning, otherwise the transmission parts will be easily damaged.
    3. Model matching. The length of the selected universal joint square shaft and shaft sleeve should match the model of the farm tool. If the square shaft and shaft sleeve are too long, the transmission parts will be damaged during use. If they are short, the farm tool will come out when it is raised.
    4. The Vegetable Planter is installed correctly. When installing the universal joint, the openings of the clamping fork should be in the same plane to ensure that the knife shaft rotates evenly, otherwise the transmission parts will be easily damaged. Note that the angle between the square shaft of the universal joint and the gearbox plane should not exceed 10 during work. The included angle of the farm tool should not exceed 30 after lifting, otherwise it will affect the transfer efficiency and easily damage the universal joint.
    5. Scientific maintenance. Carry out lubrication and maintenance as required. Do not omit oil and grease injection at each lubrication point to prevent damage due to dry friction.