I attempted steam another week and ran into difficulties.

  • I can't get this to work on my PC and used to play the JP version constantly until that weird mad windows update came along and awakened a lot of PSO2 Meseta people's computers.

    I attempted steam another week and ran into difficulties. Even the service team on discord was confused as to what exactly was occurring.

    I'll just wait for PSO2 New Genesis to come to the PS4/5

    I have troubleshooted everything when I was on tweaker it would try to load and then I would get a gameguard error. So I troubleshooted that up until the stage I deleted everything (tweaker, PSO2) and tried a fresh install. Got the same matter.

    I've attempted to install Microsoft and that was a nightmare. It would not start for the life of me. I even had the help team from ARKS -Layer discord scratching their heads wondering why everything we have tried did not work.

    And on steamIt downloaded and once I attempted to start it, it is only the little photo of PSO2 that pops up and just pops.

    My pc isn't old (I built it around 4 years ago) and it is used for video editing. So idk I am just drawing a blank

    Hey I had the same problem in my PC. Probably there's some upgrade that got misconfigured on the way. If you don't mind reinstalling your software and may back up your private files you can give that a try

    If your on windows 10 there is a genuine factory reset option where you won't have to out in your product key or anything. It's rather simple to initiate. I simply googled mill reset windows once I did it. Good luck

    When you backed up your documents was cheap Phantasy Star Online 2 Meseta it essentially a system restore? And then once you're done reinstalling you simply hit restore?