There's a lot to be happy about New Horizons

  • Yeah, honestly this is a super weird shift. Why did they create the house smaller? Making it larger would give players a reason to use illustrations, not to Animal Crossing Bells mention giving us more room to utilize!

    I feel some aspects concerning Gracie's things were super annoying also. Gracie's things were unorderable. You just accumulated 100k+ for one seat? Cool, now in case you want 3 more of these chairs to make a complete set you have to collect 300k+ quickly, because these are seasonal items and you can not order them.Honestly I sort of guess the smaller house size would be to accommodate the overall smaller assortment of furniture. Maybe the thought was that restriction breeds creativity, but I honestly believe they're still just too tiny. There is a whole lot more like small tabletop and wall items as accents but as far as home basics I really feel like the variety is lacking since all the old sets are pretty much gone (a few are reworked/expanded into new sets or flipped into stand alone items).

    Gracie's store was somewhat finnicky because of no catalogue, yeah. I guess it's similar to a number of the special walls and flooring from Sahara, and the end-of-season sales were a fun small quirk.

    I must say, though, New Horizons has good art direction. So many things are really gorgeous. There are some sets that are tacky in New Leaf but seem great or at least decent in New Horizons.

    There's a lot to be happy about New Horizons, and that's why I really can't complain too much about it. This is not Pokémon Sword & Shield, you can see they did not just copy paste the versions, they redid everything from scratch and also care.

    I mean, in New Leaf we didn't even get pumpkin products, aside from the wearable hats and the jack-in-the-box! I am really glad whenever we get these updates, it's really cool to find these things getting back and with all the New Horizons therapy. I can not wait to buy Animal Crossing New Horizons Items see what we're gonna get in March for Mario things!