I could understand if they were at par or slightly advanced to

  • It is a complete Animal Crossing New Horizons Bells shithole and that is what makes it oh so enjoyable.Even if they fully admit they are racist. How can someone from a minority think they'll end up better off in a segregated society?Black Panther is utopic in numerous levels. It tells a story of a men and women who had access to important resources and decided hoarding them. An IRL example would be Saudi Arabia using their oil.Yeah it is sort of a weird take. Wakanda was an ethno state that hid its abundance partly to avoid being bothered by other nations.

    Everything I know about both humankind and history informs me with this technology, 90 percent of this world would have instantly made weapons , and then blown us to hell.Actually, the tech doesn't make any sense to me. Wakanda consists just of a comparatively small, isolated people. Where did they get the scientific input to develop technologies that's so advanced it is considered sci-fi?

    I could understand if they were at par or slightly advanced to the rest of the planet, since they got spies in the external world and also have vibranium as an advanced technological material, but not like 200 decades of scientific progress ahead. Force areas, anti-grav (?) Airships, a stealth shield to hide a whole country from it...

    Just because you have a source for technological advancements doesn't mean that you can actually do something meaningful with it. Consider this: the Arabian peninsula is among the most abundant sources of crude oil in the world. But that doesn't mean the combustion engine has been developed there: which occurred in Europe.

    Isolation is the worst one can do to technological advancement, because it's fueled by exchange of thoughts! Just sitting on a big heap of magical distance metal does not mean you are going to have self-lacing sneakers tomorrow!And somehow achieved everything else a civilization requirements, without anybody else on earth finding out. I buy animal crossing bells new horizons believe Black Panther is among a few movies where the superhero antics aren't the most unrealistic thing.