Hate it when you got 10K Rune Ess and its a five 10 minute walk

  • Which is OSRS gold level 42 combat for 60 range.... Drop the dragon bolt (e) unique to 50 rather than 60. Transfer the Darkbows necessary level to 70. Yew short bow range bonus to +39. Crossbows have marginally lowered accuracy, hence the accuracy of this rune one is as good as the dark bow.

    F2p array: WAYYYYYY over powered compared to the rest of the weak skills. Accuracy of bows slightly diminished. Mage is weak, very weak. P2p mage: Make mystical have -5 range bonus every single piece. Rapid cast. God staves have particular 50% use of 2 rapid spell cast no more god charms themselves.

    Hate it when you got 10K Rune Ess and its a five 10 minute walk from the bank to were you craft your Runes? Well here the answer. Quest: To begin go speak to the head wizzard in the Wizzards tower. If you request to initiate a quest he'll ask you to do exactly the Rune Mysteriys pursuit before you do this quest. Once you've completed that and you return to speak to him and you ask him to get another pursuit.

    Once you do that go talk to him again he will provide you the elementor tally along with the elementor teleport place is alongside a great dragon known as"Elementor Dragon" (Level 90) as soon as you get beyond him you will be teleported into the elementor cave where you should then kill 5"Abbysal Wizzards" (Level 50) and profit there magical amulets they fall then you will must walk threw to the"Elementor creater" then click the magical stone then your Tira will turn Rainbow coloured and you'll be teleported back to the Wizzards tower. It cost 50gp a teleport and you cheap RS gold need a minimum of 30 Mage and 30 Crafting to do this quest and to tele port into the Rune crafting area of your choice.