I think that landmark articles are good for the subreddit

  • On shared Animal Crossing Nook Miles Ticket occurances I think that landmark articles are good for the subreddit entire as animal crossing is mainly a game about setting your own goals and think that it's good that people have a place to share them. I am also very sympathetic about the sticky limit and with this in mind I feel the present codes and queries threads do a nice job of keeping the subreddit tidy.

    Anyhow that was my two cents, I think you guys do a fantastic job with the subreddit and you're taking it in a fantastic direction!

    There needs to be more limitation on this. Like they are not even pointing out anything special or unique with the sport.

    Other things like obtaining a Jacob's Ladder flower are much too repetitive. Like I'd understand if they did more with all the article like displaying their five star staircase , but taking a shaky cell phone pic of this change showing that they got 5 stars and a screenshot is low effort.

    There's no plot or surprise when it comes to a game like AC. I really find it mad when people are bothered by something as trivial as that. Like why are ppl's experience ruined by viewing a hallowe'en item when there was literally a antique furniture animal crossing new horizons whole trailer showcasing al